BMW ConnectedDrive. So connected, you’re free.

BMW ConnectedDrive contains two components – Services & Apps and Driver Assistance – that
keep you connected and in command of every part of your life, all from behind the wheel.

Connected App
Connected App
Connected App
Connected App

BMW Connected.
Your personal mobility companion.

The all-new BMW Connected app is your key to end-to-end trip planning. Send destinations to your BMW from your smartphone and this intelligent travel assistant will learn your patterns and recommend departure times so you're never late. You can also share your arrival time with family and friends, find the nearest parking garage, and control important vehicle functions remotely like locking and unlocking your doors. You can even control many of the app’s features from the comfort of your home by using the BMW Connected Skill for Alexa on Amazon Echo and Tap devices.

BMW Connected is optimized for 2014 and newer vehicles. While the skill’s features will function as expected on many 2013 and earlier vehicles, some vehicles may be incompatible with certain services. Additionally, while the best experience with the BMW Connected skill requires an active ConnectedDrive subscription, you can still enjoy some of the functionality without one — such as finding information about your next trip.

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Your Own Personal ConnectedDrive Experience.

My BMW ConnectedDrive has everything you need to personalize your ConnectedDrive experience, all in one place. Manage services and apps you already have or learn about new ones — right from your home, office or vehicle. Also available is the all-new ConnectedDrive Store, which allows you to purchase services and apps, and use within minutes — all from the comfort of your BMW. It’s truly a tailored experience.


Take on any road while remaining in contact with the things you need and the information you want.



Apps make it possible to sync your phone to your BMW, so you can seamlessly bring things like contacts, playlists, and information along for every drive.


Driver Assistance

These exclusive services ensure a safer, more relaxing drive by
helping you navigate, view the road, and even park better.

Personal Assistance. Whatever you need, 24/7.

No matter where you are, these services help you organize your trip, find what you’re
looking for, and ultimately, allow you to focus on the road ahead.


Concierge Services
Find the perfect spot.

When you want to find something specific, a live BMW concierge is available at the touch of a button. Once they have what you’re looking for, they can send the information straight to your car. That’s 24/7 service*.

Safety. Drive with peace of mind at your side.

These exclusive BMW technologies provide a safer drive at all times, which
ultimately makes every journey more relaxing.

BMW Assist eCall

BMW Assist eCall.
Always looking out for you.

In an emergency, BMW Assist eCall automatically sends your location and relevant information to the BMW AssistTM response center. A response specialist can then contact police and EMT services, saving time when you need it most.

Active Protection

Active Protection. A safety shield when you need it most.

In a critical situation, Active Protection tightens seat belts, places the seats upright, and even closes the windows. To try to prevent an accident in the first place, the Attentiveness assistant recommends driving breaks if fatigue symptoms are detected.

BMW Night Vision

BMW Night Vision with Pedestrian Recognition. Reveal the darkest roads.

BMW Night Vision detects pedestrians in the dark even from long distances — and selectively illuminates them. The light warns drivers of a potentially hazardous situation, ensuring a safer driving experience.

Driver Assistance. Drive smarter, safer and with confidence.

Driver Assistance services help you focus on the road ahead, which means better
peace of mind every time you’re behind the wheel.

BMW Head-Up Display.
All your driving information, right in front of you.

Essential driving information, such as current speed, lane changes and collision warnings, are projected on the windshield in your direct field of vision to keep your eyes where they belong — on the road.

BMW Head-Up Display

Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go.
Keeps a safe distance, so you can relax.

A radar sensor measures the distance between you and the vehicle ahead, automatically maintaining a safe distance. When it’s safe to speed up, the system can accelerate for you. All of which makes for a smoother road trip.

Parking Assistant

Parking Assistant.
Parking has never been so high-tech.

Parking Assistant takes the work out of parking, by finding available spaces, and then actively pulling into the spot. Simply turn on the indicator, keep pressing the Parking Assistant switch and let the system do the rest. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Connect. The entire web at your fingertips.

No matter where you are, you can easily search the web and find what you need to know.


Google Services.
A world of information on the move.

Find whatever you’re looking for with services such as Panoramio, Street View and Voice Search. Once you search, you’re ready to go.

My Info / Send to Car.
Send searches, messages,
and numbers right to your car.

My Info / Send to Car enables you to send a message,
a Google Maps™ location, and telephone numbers straight to your vehicle. Pull up this info when you enter the car and you can hit the road.


BMW Apps. Turn your BMW into
a four-wheeled mobile device.

BMW Apps make it easy to bring compatible apps into your car. Apps like Twitter can be used simply and seamlessly, so you're always connected to your world.

Entertainment. Leave boredom in the dust.

To make every road more enjoyable, BMW Entertainment apps allow you to take your
favorite music playlists, radio stations, and social network sites along with you.


Stream radio, on every road.

With abundant streaming radio options like TuneIn available in your BMW, you may never run out of music, sports, news and podcasts to enjoy.

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BMW M Laptimer.
Analyze exhilaration down
to a tenth of a second.

The BMW M Laptimer is a tool for analyzing your driving style on racetracks* and other closed courses, including automatic calculation of lap times. You can design your course and share your results on Twitter, or email them to a friend and show off your performance driving skills.

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Pandora®. Take only the music you want with you.

When it comes to music, you like what you like. With Pandora®, you can create new stations and tailor your experience by rating songs with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. And you can still receive Bluetooth®-connected calls without missing a beat.

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