iDrive Overview

Benefits of iDrive

Experience complete control. Without all those controls.
The innovative BMW iDrive system gives you complete access to Entertainment, Navigation and Communications...without all the dials and switches. iDrive features a single toggle Controller and seven keys, putting your CD player, Radio, Telephone, Navigation and an intuitive main menu just one touch away. Convenient and reliable, the iDrive system integrates the best of BMW, from a powerful external GPS antenna to a glare-free Control Display, into one powerful system. The result is the ultimate in convenience, safety and security, and pure driving pleasure.

With iDrive's simple-to-use Controller, located at hand level with the gear shift, you gain complete access to your vehicle's main interior functions. No hunting for buttons. No fumbling for the phone. Everything you need is in one place. And the Controller is so intuitive to use and responsive to touch that you won't even have to take your eyes off the road.

Safety and Security:
iDrive's Navigation and Communication systems allow you to keep your focus on the drive. The Telephone function stores up to 100 numbers and allows for hands-free calling, while reliable on-board navigation safely delivers you to your destination, even in unfamiliar cities. If you do have a problem on the road, the BMW Assist™ function, available on select models, will send your vehicle status and position to BMW Service headquarters.

Pure Pleasure:
With your vehicle's Navigation, Communications and Entertainment under control, you can relax and enjoy the drive. So that you can get even more from the road, your iDrive unit may be capable of playing DVDs on screen as well as connecting to satellite, HD radio, MP3 players and iPods, depending upon the options you select. Plus, the iDrive system connects you with more than 12.6 million searchable Points of Interest, from gas stations and hotels to restaurants and shopping centers.

iDrive Demonstration
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