BMW i marks the start of a new chapter of mobility. One that's defined by electrifying performance,
efficiency, and style. Where sustainability meets pure agility and exhilarating acceleration. And where
electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids finally perform like BMWs. Because they are.

1 Using a 240-volt, 30 amp Level 2 charging station.

2 Based on BMW NA test results in warm weather (75F-85F) and city driving in ECO+ mode. Ranges are objective, under real world driving scenarios using varying but similar routes, not lab testing. Actual ranges vary by about +/-10% due to several factors.

3 MSRP without destination and handling and before federal tax credit.

4 Using a 240-volt, 15 amp Level 2 charging station.

5 Based on BMW AG test results of European model.

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