Model Highlights

Electronic Damping Control
Electronic Damping Control (EDC) automatically adjusts the shock absorber settings to meet changes in vehicle speed, load, or road and driving conditions. The driver selects either “Sport” or “Comfort” from the iDrive “Settings” menu. EDC then modifies the shock absorbers to any degree, from the softest to the firmest setting. The result is exceptional riding comfort and fluid, responsive handling at all times. For example, the “Sport” setting increases firmness under all conditions for a sportier driving feel. With the “Comfort” setting, when sensors detect smooth roads, the shock absorbers are kept “soft” for optimum riding comfort. When the vehicle is rounding a sharp corner or curve, the shock absorbers are automatically and instantly adjusted to a firmer level. And when the vehicle encounters irregular road surfaces, such as bumps or a “washboard” surface, the shocks are instantly adjusted to the optimum level of firmness. This controls ride motions, helping to keep ride comfort at an acceptable level while maintaining road contact. (optional)