• Up to an EPA rated 71 MPGe.330e iPerformance

• Charge when you want with a regular cable.

• eBoost technology for improved acceleration and extra instantaneous torque.

BMW has one goal - to build the best performance vehicles possible. So BMW took the advanced dual-engine technology engineered for the BMW i8 and created BMW iPerformance. These evolved BMW vehicles are faster off the line and more efficient than ever. Whether you charge up or fuel up, BMW iPerformance is the epitome of The Ultimate Driving Machine®.

Engineered for advancement.

There's only one reason BMW would ever add an electric motor, or any feature to its vehicles - to make a better BMW. Check out how electric technology improves performance and efficiency for BMW iPerformance models in comparison to standard BMW models.


If you're trying to maximize your MPGe in an iPerformance model, the Auto eDrive mode intelligently combines both gas and electric for enhanced performance and efficiency. Explore the total range for each iPerformance model below.


As if the benefits of BMW iPerformance aren't incentive enough, select models receive federal incentives too.

Up to


Learn more about federal and state tax incentives

Born from the future.

BMW's plug-in hybrid technology came directly from the BMW i8, more specifically, its award-winning2015 International Engine of the Year Award Winner. sports car hybrid drivetrain system. This advanced piece of engineering is responsible for taking the BMW i8, and now BMW iPerformance models, farther than ever with enhanced performance.

Electrified performance.

What differentiates the drivetrain of BMW iPerformance models from the drivetrain in any other BMW is the electric eDrive motor. Powered by a high-voltage lithium-ion battery, the electric eDrive motor not only makes it possible to drive with greater efficiency than a standard gas-powered BMW, it also enhances the thrill of driving with performance features such as eBoost — an instant acceleration provided by the electric motor and gas engine working in tandem whenever you push the throttle. BMW i8 drivetrain shown.

Electric Motor
High-Voltage Battery
BMW Twin Power Turbo Engine

Proven power.

BMW's plug-in hybrid iPerformance models are anchored by BMW's legendary 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine. This piece of refined machinery is no stranger to sitting under the roundel, and provides an extra kick at higher rpms that will be familiar for BMW owners. BMW i8 drivetrain shown.

The two power sources play so nicely together...

AUTOBLOG 12.23.2015's easy to forget you're driving a plug-in hybrid.

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The BMW X5 xDrive40e iPerformance

Everyday Performance Driven By Technology


A smarter morning routine.

Before heading to work, or wherever your day takes you, you can upload your route and precondition your BMW iPerformance model from your smartphone or watch. Preconditioning allows you to control the climate of the cabin prior to getting inside, so you can warm it up on cold days or cool it off on hot days. Either way, your BMW will be ready to go when you are.

Everyday Performance Driven By Technology


Efficiency made easy.

As you drive in AUTO eDrive mode, the engine intelligently communicates with the navigation system to constantly adjust the mix of electric and gas to maximize efficiency and power output based on your route's speed limits, real-time traffic, and changes in elevation.2016 X5 xDrive40e iDrive screen shown.

Everyday Performance Driven By Technology


Get a charge when you want one.

While charging isn't a necessity, since iPerformance vehicles can drive on gas-only, a fast-growing public charging infrastructure allows you to top up the charge on your battery while you aren't behind the wheel. You can also conveniently charge by using the Occasional Use Cable and a regular 120v wall outlet.

Everyday Performance Driven By Technology


Driving around town

When taking a quick drive to a nearby location it's a great opportunity to try MAX eDrive. A setting designated for completely silent 100% electric driving, giving off zero tailpipe emissions and saving you on fuel.

Everyday Performance Driven By Technology


Charge up as you wind down.

With an EPA rated 56 MPGe and a 540 mile range in the BMW X5 xDrive40e, you can skip the gas station and head home to plug in your BMW like you would plug in your cell phone, in a 120v wall socket, so your BMW is fully charged and ready for your next drive.


Public Charging Stations

While most drivers charge at home, more public charging stations are being installed every day. So if you find yourself out on the road and need a charge to increase your efficiency, a public charging station is in range no matter where you go.

Number of public charging stations within the ChargePoint's network as of 5/2/16.
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BMW 330e iPerformance

Starting MSRP $44,100MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $995, tax, title, license, and registration. 2017 330e iPerformance shown.
The sport sedan all others aspire to be.

The 3 Series iPerformance model gives the legend of the BMW 3 Series a fresh perspective, while remaining the heart and soul of the BMW lineup.


BMW 530e iPerformance

Starting MSRP $51,400MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $995, tax, title, license, and registration. 2017 BMW 530e iPerformance shown.
Don't meet standards. Set them.

Uncompromisingly dynamic and innovative, the ALL-NEW BMW 5 series now features iPerformance for an even more thrilling drive.


BMW 740e xDrive iPerformance

Starting MSRP $89,100MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $995, tax, title, license, and registration. 2017 740e xDrive iPerformance shown.
BMW's most innovative sedan.

The BMW 7 Series sets the standard for the future of luxury without sacrificing an ounce of performance.


BMW X5 xDrive40e iPerformance

Starting MSRP $62,100MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $995, tax, title, license, and registration. 2017 BMW X5 xDrive40e iPerformance shown.
Make a more powerful impression.

The first Sports Activity Vehicle® in BMW history owns the road with luxury as well as power, and is now available with iPerformance.


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