Take a unique 45 mile journey that features the best stretches of America's most scenic roads to see how far a gallon can take you. Start scrolling to begin your trip.

Welcome to

Highway 12, Utah

Make your way through 2 million acres of National Forest.

Enjoy the power of 413 lb-ft of torque.

The 535d has more torque than a Ferrari California.1

Up to 675 non-stop Miles Per Tank.2

On this road, Houston is less than two tanks away in the 328d.

Say hello to 45 MPG.2

In the 328d, you'll stop for food, not fuel.

Welcome to

San Marco Road, Florida

Elevation? A whole five feet above sea level.

The 328d releases almost 14% fewer emissions.3

Create bluer skies with your diesel decision.

Welcome to

Seward Highway, Alaska

It took 30, yes 30, years to build this road.

Diesel is cleaner than ever.

Today, diesel oil contains 97% less sulfur than it did before.4

Welcome to

Columbia River Highway, Oregon

See Oregon's first freeway, built in 1955.

Almost 90,000 U.S. fueling
stations have diesel pumps.

Not that you’ll need to stop much.

The first BMW Diesel was the fastest diesel car of its time.

And at 33 MPG, the 1983 524td was the most efficient at the time, too.

Welcome to

Highway 1, California

This one road runs along 656 miles of California's coastline.

Diesel takes on every road.

"I can tell you that BMW's three-way marriage of power, speed and economy is incredibly impressive."

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Welcome to

Overseas Highway, Florida

113 miles of road. 42 bridges. 1 great excuse for a beach detour.

The efficient yet powerful BMW 535d goes 0-60 in



Welcome to

Route 128, Utah

Follow this road and you'll follow the path of the Colorado River.

Enjoy more
adventures per tank.

"675 miles to empty: the stuff of road trip dreams! #BMWDiesel"

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BMW Diesel sedans feature RWD or optional xDrive.

Have a little fun with the narrow lanes and blind corners on Rt. 128.

Welcome to

Duthie-Martin Highway, Arizona

See part of the 1.5 million acre Hopi Indian Reservation.

Explore these roads for real.

Build your BMW Diesel Sedan and take it for a spin.

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Welcome to

Twin Peaks Boulevard, California

This popular road runs a figure eight around the Twin Peaks.

Feel a powerful
413 lb-ft of torque.

"Tearing through the gears in Sport mode, I found myself wishing that the ramp was longer, simply because the experience was fun."

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Welcome to

California 36, California

140 miles of twists and turns. Perfect for the Ultimate Driving Machine®.

45 MPG. (In case you missed it.)

You'll need to stop to stretch your legs before the 328d needs to refuel.

Think diesel is expensive? Think again.

See how much you could save each year when you go diesel.

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Travel farther while using less.

We'd save 1.4 million barrels of oil daily if 1/3 of the U.S. switched to diesel.

You've experienced 45 miles with diesel, but the journey is just beginning.

Ready to take a drive of your own?


  1. Based on 2013 Ferrari California 30 torque of 372 lb-ft. Torque comparisons are based off of 2013 models and information sourced from each manufacturer's website.
  2. Estimated mpg city 32/highway 45 for the 328d Sedan and a fuel tank capacity of 15 gallons. Actual mileage will vary based upon options, driving conditions, driving habits, and highway condition.
  3. Comparison between 328d emissions of 279g/mi and 328i emissions of 323g/mi.
  4. Sourced from U.S. Department of Energy. www.fueleconomy.gov.
  5. BMW AG test results. Actual acceleration results may vary, depending on specification of vehicle, road and environmental conditions, testing procedures and driving style. These results should be used for comparison only and verification should not be attempted on public roads. BMW urges you to obey all posted speed laws and always wear safety belts.