Model Highlights

Active Driving Assistant
Camera-based driver assistance system consisting of Lane Departure Warning, Frontal Collision Warning/City Collision Mitigation, and Pedestrian Warning. Lane Departure Warning including camera-based Collision Warning registers lane markings at a distance of approximately 160 feet and beyond a speed of 37mph. As soon as you drive over the lane markings on the left or right without activating your indicators, the system warns you by gently vibrating the steering wheel. City Collision Mitigation can help prevent collisions up to a differing pace of 10mph by actively applying the brakes, and at higher differences can help reduce the severity of a collision by pre-filling the braking system.

Pedestrian Warning is a two stage system that works during the daytime. It consists of an acute audible/visual warning that also pre-fills the brakes. Daytime pedestrian warning is the same with operation up to 40MPH and the system concept is mostly a mitigation system: it is active from 10kmh to 60kmh (40MPH).