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2 Series
228i Coupe
228i xDrive Coupe
M235i Coupe
M235i xDrive Coupe
228i Convertible
228i xDrive Convertible
M235i Convertible

3 Series
320i Sedan
320i xDrive Sedan
328i Sedan
328i xDrive Sedan
328d Sedan
328d xDrive Sedan
335i Sedan
335i xDrive Sedan
ActiveHybrid 3
328i xDrive Sports Wagon
328d xDrive Sports Wagon
328i xDrive Gran Turismo
335i xDrive Gran Turismo

4 Series
428i Coupe
428i xDrive Coupe
435i Coupe
435i xDrive Coupe
428i Gran Coupe
428i xDrive Gran Coupe
435i Gran Coupe
435i xDrive Gran Coupe
428i Convertible
428i xDrive Convertible
435i Convertible
435i xDrive Convertible

5 Series
528i Sedan
528i xDrive Sedan
535i Sedan
535i xDrive Sedan
535d Sedan
535d xDrive Sedan
550i Sedan
550i xDrive Sedan
ActiveHybrid 5
535i Gran Turismo
535i xDrive Gran Turismo
550i Gran Turismo
550i xDrive Gran Turismo

6 Series
640i Coupe
640i xDrive Coupe
650i Coupe
650i xDrive Coupe
640i Gran Coupe
640i xDrive Gran Coupe
650i Gran Coupe
650i xDrive Gran Coupe
640i Convertible
640i xDrive Convertible
650i Convertible
650i xDrive Convertible

7 Series
740i Sedan
740Li Sedan
740Li xDrive Sedan
740Ld xDrive Sedan
750i Sedan
750i xDrive Sedan
750Li Sedan
750Li xDrive Sedan
760Li Sedan
ActiveHybrid 7

6 Series
ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe

7 Series

X1 Series
X1 sDrive28i
X1 xDrive28i
X1 xDrive35i

X3 Series
X3 sDrive28i
X3 xDrive28i
X3 xDrive28d
X3 xDrive35i

X4 Series
X4 xDrive28i
X4 xDrive35i

X5 Series
X5 sDrive35i
X5 xDrive35i
X5 xDrive35d
X5 xDrive50i

X6 Series
X6 sDrive35i
X6 xDrive35i
X6 xDrive50i

Z4 Series
Z4 sDrive28i
Z4 sDrive35i
Z4 sDrive35is

M Series
M3 Sedan
M4 Convertible
M4 Coupe
M5 Sedan
M6 Coupe
M6 Gran Coupe
M6 Convertible
X5 M
X6 M

BMW i3 Series
BMW i3
BMW i3 with Range Extender

BMW i8 Series
BMW i8

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