BMW Assist™ MyInfo FAQ

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If you are driving a 2008 X6 produced 4/08 or later or any 2009 and later BMW Assist-equipped BMW (except X3) and have a valid BMW Assist subscription, you will be able to send and receive the destination and phone number in your vehicle through MyInfo.
Just visit and search for any business or street address. When it appears, click "Send", choose "Car" and select "BMW", then type in your e-mail address on file with BMW Assist as the account name, a personal note if desired, maybe a phone number, and hit "Send".
Please confirm that your e-mail address is on file with BMW Assist (call 1-888-333-6118 toll free), that it was entered correctly into Google Maps as your BMW Assist account name, and that you have a valid BMW Assist subscription in place and that MyInfo is enabled and selectable under the BMW Assist menu in your BMW.
Please confirm that the e-mail address on file with BMW Assist was entered correctly, repeat the search in Google Maps and send the information again.
Your BMW holds up to 10 messages. When you send the 11th message, it will overwrite the first message you sent.
Be aware that the location of your selected destination may slightly differ between the BMW Navigation system and the location as shown on Google Maps, which might require your attention once the navigation system tells you that you have arrived or are approaching your destination.
Yes, just enter their corresponding e-mail addresses on file with BMW Assist.
Please call toll free 1-888-333-6118, visit or your BMW center for additional program details.
The Google Maps MyInfo function can be disabled for your BMW by contacting BMW Assist Customer Care toll free at 1-888-333-6118 and changing or deleting your e-mail address on file. You will still be able to use all other BMW Assist services.