Real Time Traffic Information

Find a new route as quickly as the traffic changes.

Whether you want the short route, the fast route or the scenic route; you never want to get stuck in traffic. Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) is now included in the BMW Navigation system on most models, providing up-to-date traffic information right on your control display. The service notifies you of traffic incidents on your route so you can change course and possibly avoid delays. Major markets continuously update the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; while smaller markets report only during normal commuting hours.

Traffic incidents are compiled and transmitted in metropolitan areas by a leading FM broadcaster. The data is received through a dedicated tuner, which operates independently of your entertainment source. The reported traffic incidents are displayed as icons on the navigation map and in a list, sorted by distance from your BMW's current position. While you stay focused on enjoying the drive, your navigation system automatically calculates the best route and even provides a detour around traffic if the delay is calculated to be longer than 5 minutes.

Standard on:
  • 2007 and later M5 Sedans produced after September 2006
  • 2007 and later M6 Coupes and Convertibles
  • 2007 and later 6 Series
  • 2009 and later 7 Series
Optional on:
  • 2007 and later 3 Series
  • 2007 and later 5 Series produced after September 2006
  • 2007 and later X5 Sport Activity Vehicles┬«
  • 2008 and later 1 Series
  • 2008 and later X6
  • 2009 and later Z4