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When you finance your BMW, your name goes on the title, and once you pay off your contract, you become the owner. You can sell your BMW or trade it in at any time. It should not surprise you if at the end of your finance period the resale value of your BMW is still quite high. BMW Financial Services can help you apply that value toward a trade-in on a new BMW or a leased BMW, reducing your monthly payments.

BMW Financial Services also offers flexible financing options like:
  • Financing customization.
  • Low competitive rates.
  • No down payment (subject to credit approval).
  • Terms up to 72 months.

In addition to traditional finance options, BMW Financial Services offers two more financing programs. Check with your local BMW Center to see which plans are available in your area.

The BMW Select Program offers lower lease-like monthly payments up front with the option to refinance if you're qualified or pay the balloon balance in full on the last payment. All new and pre-owned BMW vehicles are eligible.

The Owner's Choice financing program is available to Illinois, Texas and Georgia drivers only. This program combines the benefits of both a lease and a finance contract into one flexible finance option. With Owner's Choice, customers enjoy low lease-like payments, ownership benefits associated with a finance contract and the option to walk away at the end of the contract.

We update our offers each month to provide our drivers with the best, most competitive opportunities available. For example, depending on your financing status, you might be qualified for a chance to get a newer vehicle for the same, or close to, your current monthly payment.
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