GINA Light Visionary Model

Successful design arouses desire. In order to achieve this, it is more crucial
than ever before that car manufacturers create the conditions that allow
customers to establish a close relationship with their cars. Therefore, designers seek ways to promote and intensify people's identification with their car that reach beyond pure aesthetics. In the premium segment in particular, customers demand cars that stir emotions and allow them to express their individuality. BMW Group Design has set another deepened objective for designing new cars that moves today's consumers and their demand for enhanced utility and more versatility to the top of their agenda. An innovative concept introduced by BMW Group Design prepares the ground for this new approach: the GINA (Geometry and Functions In ''N'' Adaptions) principle grants more freedom for car design. It allows the creation of products with a design and functional range that express individuality and meet the wide variety of requirements of those who are using them.

In the 21st century, customers approach their purchasing decision with a high degree of assertiveness, clearly defined requirements and subjective conceptions- particularly when it comes to selecting their means of transport.  In recent years, the interests and priorities that motivated them have changed and, more importantly, they have become considerably more diversified.  This development will continue in the future. Today, the BMW Group is already responding to the highly diversified range of customer requirements and heightened expectations by providing services such as a substantially more varied product range, ever increasing possibilities for personalization and requirement-oriented production among others.

By introducing the GINA philosophy, BMW Group Design presents ways
of meeting these challenges in the future. The philosophy expresses the
readiness and ability of BMW Group Design to consider individual customer requirements as an integral part of car development. Christopher E. Bangle, Head of BMW Group Design, speaks with conviction when he says: ''Personal customer requirements will broaden the context of our products and change the core values that define our industry along the way.'' For more than ten years now, these issues have inspired Bangle's ideas. Time and time again, these ideas have been motivating the BMW Group Design team to break new ground and to find pioneering solutions. These results have spawned new customer expectations which in turn inspires designers to develop further innovations
GINA – The BMW Group
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BMW Gina Visionary Model
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