BMW's rigorous Certified Pre-Owned vetting process is your assurance that any BMW earning a CPO rating is a quality Ultimate Driving Machine.® You'll also find major differences between the value of BMW CPO coverage and that of other, used-car-coverage plans.

Inspection. BMW vehicles must pass a long list of stringent inspection points by BMW-trained technicians before they become Certified Pre-Owned. Third-party inspections, if there are any, are not nearly as rigorous.

Warranty. BMW's CPO Protection Plan extends 2 years or 50,000 miles beyond the original New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty.1 Any problem on a covered item is fixed by BMW-trained technicians using Original BMW Parts, with just a $50 deductible. With other coverage plans, extended service contracts require careful reading, since many items are not covered. Deductibles can vary from $50 to $400 or more, and contracts may require the owner to pay up-front for repairs, then wait lengthy periods of time for reimbursement.

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1 Whichever comes first.