Unrivaled Value


Compare the true cost of other luxury
vehicles to the unrivaled value of a BMW.

When comparing costs, the competition may appear to offer lower monthly payments, but that's before factoring in their true cost of ownership. This 'true cost of ownership' factors in the various charges incurred over the years for routine maintenance and premium services.

With BMW you get a well-equipped model, as well as scheduled inspections, brake pads, oil service, roadside assistance, and many other valuable services with our no-cost maintenance program - and with many models, our no-cost BMW Assist™ Safety Plan - for the first four years or 50,000 miles. Not to mention a selection of vehicles that consistently receive top honors from the automotive press.

No other premium automaker offers such comprehensive benefits for no fee. Theirs all come at an extra charge. Which means their low monthly payment, isn't low after all.

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