Protection that provides peace of mind.

BMW Extended Vehicle Protection is the only plan that ensures your car is serviced with 100% original BMW parts.

This program was designed with your needs in mind, offering a level of security you won't find with any third-party contract provider.

Benefits include:
  • Covered repairs performed at an authorized BMW repair facility
  • Only original BMW parts for repairs
  • 24-Hour BMW Roadside Assistance, in the unlikely event of a breakdown
Find out what plan is right for you. Compare the benefits below, then contact a dealer.

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Powertrain Plus Coverage

Gold Coverage

Platinum Coverage


Cylinder Head

Cylinder Block


Piston Rings and Pins


Main & Connecting Rod Bearings

Connecting Rods

Camshaft and Bearings

Timing chains or belts


Rocker Arms & Shafts


Valve Springs

Upper spring plats (retainers)

Valve Collets, Guides and Seats

Hydraulic Valve

Clearance compensators (lifters)

Oil Pump



Vibration Damper

Flywheel/ Ring Gear

Upper & Lower Timing Case Cover

Intake and Lower Timing Case Cover

Engine Mounts

Valve Cover

Oil Pan

Cylinder Head Gaskets


Front & Rear Radial Oil Seat

Fuel System

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Pumps

Metal & Plastic Lines & Fittings

Fuel Tank

Fuel Injection

Airflow Sensors


All Sprockets

Shaft Bearings



Pumps & Valves

Transmission Mount


Drive Plat for Torque Converter

Transmission Case

Torque Converter

Transmission Oil Seals & Gaskets

Final Drive Assembly

Final Drive Housing

All Sprockets

Bearings and Output Shafts

CV Joints

Universal Joints

Front and Rear Hub Assembly

Hub Bearings

Propeller Shafts

Input and Output flange seal & gasket

Rear Housing cover gasket

CV Joints & flexible gaiters(CV Joint boots)

Transfer Case

All sprockets

Shaft Bearings



Pumps & Valves

Transfer Case Mounts



Voltage Regulator

Starter Motor

Starter Solenoid

Engine Control Module

Engine and transmission control modules


Wiper Motor

Rear Window Wiper Motor

Power Window Motor

Power Seat Drive

Convertible top storage lid & top drive motor

Manually & electrically operated switches

Front & Rear Main Wiring Harnesses

Onboard Computer

Power door and central locking system

Remote electronic entrance system

Cruise Control switch

Actuator and control module

Sunroof Motor and Gear

Turn signal/headlight dimmer switch

Electronic Mirror Motors and Switches

Windshield Wiper Delay Switch

Horn Contacts


Contact rings assembly and horns

Rear window defogger

All gauges

Instrument and service indicator circuit boards

LCD display modules

Coding Plugs

Control Modules

Cooling System

Water pump


Fan Clutch

Coolant recovery tank

Additional fan motor

Fan surround

Idler pulley/belt tensioner

Fuel System

Fuel injectors

Piezo injectors

Fuel pumps

Metal and plastic lines and fittings

Fuel injection

Air flow sensors

Induction System

Turbocharger assemblies

SCR (Selected Catalyst Reduction)

Emission control system

Transfer pump, dosing module


Steering box housing

Internally lubricated parts within the steering box

Rack and pinion assembly

Power steering pump

Steering shaft and couplings

Guide/idler arm

Tie Rod ends

Pitman arm

Center Tie rod

Cooler and lines

Suspension systems

Control arms

Thrust struts and bushings

Ball joints

Wheel bearings

Coil Springs

Stabilizer bar

Links and bushings

MacPherson Struts (Housing only)

Control arms

Trailing arms

Lateral links

Shafts and bushings



Coil Springs

Hydraulic leveling system

Height sensor




Brakes & ABS

Master cylinder

Brake booster assembly

Wheel cylinders

Brake Calipers

Hydraulic lines and fittings

Brake pedal assembly

Parking brake assembly (ABS)

Hydraulic pump assembly

ABS control module

Wheel speed sensors


Heating/Air Conditioning System





Idler pulley/belt tensioner

Compressor clutch and pulley

Heating & A/C control panel and control module

Expansion valve

Stepper motors

Auxiliary water pump

Heater and air conditioner


Heater control valve

Interior & Exterior

Truck and hood gas pressure struts

Front seat tracks/rails

Shift lever

Bumper impact struts

Obligor: BMW of North America, LLC 300 Chestnut Ridge Road Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677-7731, 800-831-1117. In Florida, the obligor is: BMW Extended Service Corporation 300 Chestnut Ridge Road Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677-7731, 800-831-1117. FL License Number: 65501. Special Note: Coverage under this program is limited to defects in material or workmanship only. Wear and tear is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. This website is a summary of some of the benefits available with BMW Extended Vehicle Protection and should not be relied upon when purchasing coverage. Please refer to the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection Contract Limited Agreement Application for specific coverage details. Changes may have been made to the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection program since the publication of this website. All transactions related to the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection program are governed solely by the provisions of the program agreement. See your actual agreement for details of coverage, as well as terms, conditions and costs. B109FL.