European Delivery

4. Drive Through Europe

The Castle Road
Day 1 - Pick Up Your New BMW in Munich

Day 2 and 3 - Now that you have experienced the magical city of Munich, it is time to experience the romance of the Bavarian route in your new BMW. After breakfast, drive to Strasbourg via Ulm. Ulm is famous for its Cathedral. And, did you know that Ulmer Munster owns the highest church spire in the world and Ulm was also the birthplace of one of the 20th century's most famous people - Albert Einstein. You will also enjoy the outstanding historical landmarks of contemporary architecture along your drive. And, perhaps a stop at a local pub for lunch and a German beer.

Driving through the famous Black Forest, known for the thick dark green pine trees, will sure be a treat. You will cross the famous Rhein River to France for your stop in Strasbourg. You will spend two nights at the Strasbourg Sofitel. During your visit, discover the 350+ historic monuments, including three world heritage sites. This is a drive of scenery, history, and romance.

Day 4 - Continue along the Bavarian route and visit Heidelberg on your way to Kronberg. The beauty of the Heidelberg Castle will wow and impress you. Revel in the history of over 5,000 years old. Kronberg is another very beautiful and historic city that lies at the foot of the Taunus, flanked in the north and south by forests. The Schloss Hotel Kronberg is your hotel for your final night. This hotel has a history all of its own! It is a stately home built as a widow's residence for Empress Frederick.

There is a lot to visit in the region and a short drive to Cologne can be one of your leisurely explorations before dropping your car in Frankfurt for your return flight home.

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Step 5. Meet your vehicle back home

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