European Delivery

4. Drive Through Europe

The Black Forest
Designed Exclusively for BMW European Delivery Customers

Day 1 - Pick Up Your New BMW in Munich

Day 2 - Begin your second day driving to Bregenz where you can enjoy lunch by Lake Bodensee which is the size of an inland sea. Continue a short drive through Friedrichshafen to Konstanz where you will spend your second evening. Bregenz borders three countries - Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You will cross over the famous Bodensee Lake to Konstanz for your overnight at Steigenberger Insel Hotel. Here you can enjoy a leisurely nightlife while strolling through the town.

Day 3 and 4 - Your third day drive will take you towards west along the borders of Switzerland and Germany until you reach the very famous Weil am Rhein via Schaffhausen to see the water falls of the Rhein River. Continuing to drive North through the Black Forest, a beauty of dark pine trees on your right and the flowing of the Rhein River on your left. Here you will have the most beautiful scenery as you arrive to Baden Baden to relax and enjoy for two nights the most famous Brenner's Park Hotel and Spa. This is the famous Historic Thermal Springs reminiscent of the Roman Baths of Caracalla. You have the choice of 300 miles of hiking paths and 13 miles of biking paths in and through the Black Forest.

Day 5 - You will have a short drive to Heidelberg and explore the famous Heidelberg Castle with its history going back 5,000 years to the Celts during the time of Migration of Peoples. This was the capital of Burgundian and was destroyed by the Huns. You will have the opportunity to enjoy lunch in Heidelberg.

After lunch, continue on to Wiesbaden. Your Hotel for the night will be Hotel Nassauer Hof- a sister property as historic as the Bayerischer Hof where you stayed when you started your journey. Wiesbaden is a city of entertainment, historic and fun, which will be a good finish to your journey. Frankfurt airport will be a short drive to your return flight the following day.

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Step 5. Meet your vehicle back home

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