BMW Clubs

The passion we feel for our work is matched only by that of the BMW Clubs.

Our independence and refusal to compromise aren't the only things that separate us from other car companies. We also have one of the most passionate and loyal followings around the world.

Official BMW Clubs

The following clubs are officially recognized by BMW of North America and BMW Group International. Together, they comprise approximately 125,000 BMW owners in the U.S. and represent 40% of the worldwide BMW club membership.
BMW Car Club of America
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BMW Vintage and Classic Car Club of America
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BMW Riders Association (Motorcycles)
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BMW Motorcycle Owners Club of America
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Recommended Enthusiast Websites & Forums

For opinions, personal reviews, or an off-topic conversation with like-minded BMW enthusiasts, these sites are a great place to start. Please note that the content on these sites is not sponsored, nor endorsed, by BMW of North America or BMW Group International, and the opinions and statements are those of the host and content providers.
Modern Classics
E28 5 Series Forum
E31 8 Series Register
Vintage & Classic
The Vintage Microcar Club
Senior Six Registry
First Fives - The BMW E12 Registry
BMW Vintage Club of America, Inc.
BMW CS Registry, USA
M Cars
E30 M3 Register
BMW M Coupe | M Roadster Resource Network
Special Interest Groups
BMW Compact Club
Z Series Car Club of America