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Current Issue: Volume 15, Number 3
Feature Article: BMW Celebrates the M1

When BMW assembled a field of ten M1 mid-engine supercars during last July's German Grand Prix weekend to celebrate their 30th birthday, it's a safe bet many fans watching the two demonstration races didn't know the inside story about this legendary car.

That's too bad because the behind-the-scenes tale of the M1 makes for an intriguing business school case study illustrating how creative problem solving and ingenuity can transform a strategic setback into a unique promotional opportunity.

Just as it was getting started, the M1 project ground to a halt when the company selected to build the cars announced it was unable to fulfill its role. As BMW scrambled to find another production partner, the ensuing delay cost the M1 racing version its opportunity to compete in the World Championship of Makes, its raison d'être.
M Driver Newsletter: Volume 15, Number 3
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