The ultimate driving machine ®
deserves the ultimate driver.

bmw performance driving school.

ONE LAP. FIVE really fast lessons.

After every class, our teachers take each student around the track for the
ride of their lives. Catch a glimpse of the experience with Matt Mullins, our
Chief Driving Instructor, and learn a few performance tips along the way.

For heightened adrenaline, watch with headphones.

ready to become
an Ultimate Driver?


  • Foot to the floor for maximum acceleration.

  • Squeeze gas pedal smoothly to avoid wheel spin or Dynamic Traction Control.

  • Shift at redline for maximum power.

RECAP: braking into a turn

  • Use antilock braking system (ABS) to avoid obstacles.

  • When entering a corner, use ABS to reduce speed.

  • Stomp the brake pedal as hard as you can.

RECAP: proper vision

  • Lead with your eyes by looking far down the road.

  • Before turning the wheel, lock in on your target.

  • Anticipate obstacles, but relax to maintain focus.

RECAP: owning the corner

  • Use antilock braking system (ABS) to slow down.

  • Look first, then guide the car with your hands.

  • Increase speed to accelerate out of the turn.

RECAP: complete car control

  • Total car control is essential to top performance.

  • It applies to anything, from acceleration to loss of traction.

  • Control not only your actions, but also your emotions.

Make your Ultimate
Driving Machine® proud.

Just as a vehicle is a reflection of its driver, the driver is a reflection of the car. And when both work
seamlessly together, they unleash the highest level of performance. Under any circumstance.
  • Driver's Program

    In a fraction of a second, the Ultimate Driver
    can process road conditions and minimize
    the risk of an accident. Learn how to spot
    these situations under the watchful eyes
    of a professional driver.
  • Teen School

    In a controlled environment, and under the
    supervision of BMW-certified instructors,
    students will experience a wide range of
    conditions for safely maneuvering
    real-world scenarios.
  • M School

    Hone in on quick reflexes and hand-eye
    coordination. With more horsepower and
    a sharper chassis, you need to be at the
    top of your game. We'll make sure you
    get there.
  • Motorcycle

    These classes are about control, finesse,
    and a focus on proper technique—not just
    wicking the throttle. The result: minimal time
    in the classroom and maximum time on
    the course.

limits are meant to be pushed.

Driving is about more than facing the obstacles of the road at hand. It's the act of pushing
a car to its limits and going beyond. That's why our Driver's Program focuses on dynamics
and total control. Not just in theory, but in practice. Lots and lots of practice.

one-day car control school

Push cars to the limit and beyond as you learn vehicle handling
and quick judgment. All in a safe, controlled environment. $700

two-day car control school

Add more driving time and focus on optimizing your car's safety
systems. All while experiencing a greater breadth of the BMW lineup. *Day one is identical to One-Day Car Control School. $1,200


Safety is our top priority.
Fun is a close second.

Practice makes perfect—and at our Teen School, we encourage more seat time to perfect
the complexity of each exercise. Each day, our Ultimate-Drivers-in-Training will also get to
test a wider array of vehicles and gain a better appreciation of each car's unique capabilities.

one-day teen car control school

Under the supervision of BMW-certified instructors, teens will learn from a range of driving conditions for tackling real-world scenarios. *Students must be at least 15 years of age and possess a valid learner's permit. $550

two-day teen car control school

Add more seat time and a chance to test drive a wider array of vehicles—including our 3 Series, 5 Series and SAV lineup. *Day one is identical to One-Day Teen Car Control School. $950


awaken your mr. hyde.

M cars represent the zenith of BMW. And at the rightfully titled M School, the unmatched performance
of all our M models will hone your skills for an especially spirited driving experience.

one-day M school

Get ready to focus on the same skills that professional drivers practice every day. You'll become smoother, and your reaction times will decrease. $1,450

two-day M school

First, develop elementary skill refinement. Then, assert yourself with advanced techniques. The car is ready. Are you? * Day one is identical to One-Day M School. $3,595


M School graduates are eligible for the most challenging program available, anywhere—held at two of North America's most famous tracks. *Prerequisite: M School or equivalent experience Advanced M School at VIR       $4,600 accommodations not included
Advanced M School at CMS     $5,000 including hotel

Limited availability. To book a class, please call 888-345-4BMW.

BMW Driving and Golf Program

First things first: heighten your adrenaline through the paces of M School. Then, perfect your long distance drive on one of several renowned greens. * Tee times are at the discretion of the Head Golf Professional at each facility.
   Participants must be accompanied by BMW Performance Center associate.
The Thornblade Club        $1,950 including a two-night stay, plus
                                              applicable taxes
Cliffs at Keowee Springs  $1,950 including a two-night stay, plus
                                              applicable taxes

Limited availability. To book a class, please call 888-345-4BMW.


the ultimate rider:
feel everything, fear nothing.

Calling all riders: if your sliver of Heaven on Earth is propelled by a two-wheeler, then enroll in a
Performance Center Motorcycle Rider Training course. Classes are for both on- and off-road
enthusiasts, with a focus on safe driving skills and a down and dirty performance. Literally.
  • on-road

    Develop baseline skills and techniques that will allow every sport or tour rider to reach new levels of safety and ability on the tarmac.
  • off-road

    Using a curriculum developed at the legendary BMW off-road facility in Hechlingen, Germany, maximize your abilities on unpaved surfaces.
  • dual sport

    Continue enhancing both on- and off-road prowess, while progressing to new challenges along a mix of twisty pavement and dirt roads.
  • moto tours

    Explore the scenic routes of the Smokey Mountains traversing the "Tail of the Dragon" and many lesser known, "local" favorites.

on-road courses

Moto Street Survival

A safety-oriented program that prepares riders to successfully maneuver the obstacles encountered during everyday riding. One-day program.* $595 with Performance Center bike included **
$480 with Performance Center bike included **

Tarmac Sport Ride

After the Moto Street Survival course, join us for a day's ride of challenging curves and spectacular sights in the Carolina Foothills. One-day program for all experience levels.* $285 with Performance Center bike Included **
$230 with Personal BMW bike

To book an On-Road class, please call 888-345-4BMW.


Off-Road Foundations

Both "new to dirt" riders and experienced travelers will benefit from learning the proper skills and confidence to enjoy exploring dirt and gravel roads. One-day program for all experience levels.* $595 with Performance Center bike included **

GS Trophy Training Off-Road Foundations

Learn through a series of drills and enduro laps that will help any rider gain a fresh look at the roads less traveled, and build the confidence to explore them. One-day program for all experience levels.* $595 with Performance Center bike included **

Adventure Bike Enduro Skills

This two-day program begins with Off-Road Foundations then builds on recovery skills to successfully navigate more challenging topography. Two-day program for all experience levels.* $1,095 with Performance Center bike included **

Trail Side Training

Enduro parks with multiple loop trail systems will allow participants to choose the terrain and the pace they wish to ride, with a chance to test the BMW G450X and bikes from Husqvarna's TE model line. One-day program. Must have taken Adventure Bike Enduro Skills or equivalent from BMW Enduro Park Hechlingen, World of BMW UK, or Rawhyde Adventures. $285 with Performance Center bike included **

To book an Off-Road class, please call 888-345-4BMW.



On the first and second day, participants complete the Moto Street Survival and the Off-Road Foundations classes. The final day is a mix of winding pavement and dirt roads. Three-day program for all experience levels.* $1,380 with Performance Center bike included **

Women's Dual Sport Foundation

This class is specifically geared to our female riders who would like to complete the Moto Street Survival and Off-Road Foundations classes, with a mix of winding pavement and dirt roads. Three-day program, exclusively for women.* $1,380 with Performance Center bike included **

Dual Sport Ride

Enjoy a day of honing your dual riding techniques on challenging paved, dirt and gravel roads. Plenty of miles will be covered, with time for scenic stops along the way. One-day program. Must have taken one of the following: Off-Road Foundations, Dual Sport Foundations, Adventure Bike Enduro Skills, or equivalent from BMW Enduro Park Hechlingen, World of BMW UK, or Rawhyde Adventures. $285 with Performance Center bike included **

To book a Dual Sport class, please call 888-345-4BMW.

Moto Tours

Twisty Tarmac Tour

Each tour begins with a brief skills clinic that prepares riders for their adventure ahead. Participants must be comfortable keeping to the speed limit on public roads and traveling up to 150-250 miles per day. Three-day road tour for all experience levels.* $1,995 with Performance Center bike included **
$1,695 with Personal BMW bike
Five-day road tour for all experience levels.* $3,325 with Performance Center bike included **
$2,825 with Personal BMW bike

GS Adventure Tour

Experience the beautiful back roads of eastern Tennessee and the western Carolinas on a dual sport ride changing from winding, paved roads to a combination of gravel, dirt and bedrock. Three-day dual sport tour for all intermediate skill levels.* $1,995 with Performance Center bike included **
$1,695 with Personal BMW bike
Five-day road tour for all experience levels.* $3,325 with Performance Center bike included **
$2,825 with Personal BMW bike

To book a Moto Tour class, please call 888-345-4BMW.


Motorcycle training faqs

  • How good of a rider do I need to be to attend the school(s)?
  • Will all riders be in the same group? If not, how do I know which group I will be in?
  • What safety gear do I need?
  • Do I need to arrive in my gear or can I suit up when I get there?
  • Is breakfast included?
  • Do I need to make arrangements for lunch?
  • Do I need to bring a cooler for water?
  • What time does the program end?
  • What do we do if the weather is bad?
  • What is the weather typically like?
  • How long are we at the Performance Center?
  • What time should I arrive at the Performance Center?
  • What do I do with my luggage?
  • How many riders are typically in the tour?
  • How do I book a class?
  • Can I bring a passenger and ride two up?
  • As long as you know how to ride a motorcycle we can accommodate you. We do not teach people how to ride.
  • Riders are placed in groups based on a self–assessment of ability. After the first riding exercises, an instructor may decide to restructure the groups.

    Our riding groups are as follows:

    On-Road Beginner:
    Have been riding for a short time and feel comfortable on a bike.

    On-Road Intermediate:
    Have been riding for a few years and feel comfortable with "twisties" and highways.

    On-Road Advanced:
    Long–time rider, loves to take long trips and carve mountains.

    Off-Road, New to Dirt:
    Good on-road rider, but have never been on dirt.

    Off-Road Intermediate:
    Have ridden on gravel roads a few times and feel comfortable on a forest service road.

    Off-Road Advanced:
    Can't stand pavement. Only uses it as a means to get from trail to trail.
  • On-Road:
    D.O.T. approved helmet. Abrasion resistant jacket and pants (leather or textile and preferably with elbow, knee and back armor/protection). Over-the-ankle boots. Full-finger gloves. Eye protection.

    D.O.T. approved helmet or motocross style helmet. Knee protection, elbow and back protection (e.g., Motocross jersey with chest/back protector with elbow guards). Full-finger gloves. Over-the-ankle boots, preferably with shin protection and a strong shank in the sole.

    You will be standing on the pegs for the majority of the day.
  • There are changing facilities on-site. However, it is recommended that you have on as much gear as you can, while sitting comfortably through a brief classroom session.
  • No, breakfast is not included. However, our café is top rated and serves breakfast Monday through Friday, starting at 7:30 AM. We also have a free coffee bar.
  • No, lunch is provided.
  • Complimentary bottled water is provided all day. However, you may also choose to wear a camel back.
  • The riding programs end around 4:30 PM.
  • We ride! Provided that visibility is good and there is no lightning. Bring rain gear if you have it!
  • October through March, highs can be in the low 40's through mid 60's, depending on the season. April through September can be quite hot, with highs around 95 degrees mid-summer, with lows in the upper 70s.
  • Your day will start with a few basic on-road and off-road exercises to prepare for your three-day tour, starting at 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM.
  • You should arrive at the BMW Performance Center by 8:00 AM on day one.
  • We will be taking an X5 and trailer along with us as a support vehicle, which will meet riders at specific locations. Feel free to load luggage on the trailer, but please limit yourself to one standard suitcase and one duffle/dry bag.
  • In the Three-Day Adventure Tour, we require a minimum of 5 riders and a maximum of 12 riders.
  • You may book your Three-Day Adventure Tour by calling our registration desk at 888-345-4269.
  • Yes, you may bring a passenger. They will ride with you on your own bike, and all meals will be at your expense.

Introducing your benchmarks.

At BMW, we possess such a profound belief in high–performance driving—and the driver's right
to experience every heart–pounding moment of it—that we brought only the most experienced
professionals to teach just that.

Meet the original Ultimate Drivers

  • Instructor
    Matt Mullins
    Mike Renner
    Derek Leonard
    Allison Bormann
    Andy Van Cleef
  • Instructor
    Tommy Van Cleef
    Johan Christian Schwartz
    Steve Cooke
    Tom Long
    Paul Mazzacane
  • Instructor
    Donny Isley
    Adam Seaman
    Rick Fairbanks
  • Matt Mullins
    Chief Driving Instructor

    Matt has been with the BMW Performance Driving School since 2001, and has been racing and instructing for over 20 years. He has raced professionally in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Continental Tire Challenge Sports Car Series, Formula Cars, karts and more.

    He has taught a wide range of students including celebrities such as Martha Stewart, NASCAR drivers, Secret Service and Law Enforcement Agents.

    Matt is a stunt and precision driver and has appeared in commercials for BMW, McDonalds, and Food Lion; and in the feature films, Talladega Nights, Herbie: Fully Loaded, and 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "Hard work and lots of seat time. There is no substitute for experience, and the BMW Performance Driving School is the perfect place to get that experience."
  • Mike Renner

    Mike Renner has been a teacher for the better part of three decades, sharpening the on-track skills of everyone from FBI agents to Secret Service members. In 1999—the opening year of the BMW Performance Center—Mike became a certified instructor, leveraging 28 years of active and successful racing to cultivate his students.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "A good education, and putting that education into practice."
  • Derek Leonard

    As the "new guy," Derek has been a BMW instructor since the early part of 2012. But performance driving is nothing new to him. After getting his own start with SCCA Club Racing in the GT class, Derek progressed from regional to national racing, which he's been actively pursuing for 15 years.

    As an owner, he's continued to be involved in SCCA, in addition to the World Challenge, and America Le Mans Series. As an instructor, his experience at the Panoz Racing School, TrackTime, Inc., and Car Guys, Inc., have pinnacled at the BMW Performance Center.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "You have to marshal your positive and negative emotions. Control your fear, your pride, your greed. If you get too excited or too scared, you do things in the car that are bad, regardless of being in the front or back of the pack. Drive quickly, but don't drive crazily. Sometimes, you get excited and start feeling good, but you can crash just as easily on a positive or negative note."
  • Allison Bormann

    For over a decade, Allison has been an instructor at the BMW Performance Center. But for the nine years prior to that, she spent all of her time racing. Presently, the combination of the two is a love match that allows Allison to, in her own words, "drive some of the coolest cars in the world."

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "The key to being the Ultimate Driver is passion, enthusiasm, and experience. Plus, it helps to be at the wheel of the Ultimate Driving Machine®."
  • Andy Van Cleef

    Prior to joining the BMW Performance Center team in 2006, Andy built go-kart racing engines for a living before his move into engineering racecar engines in 1980. It was around this time that Andy became personally involved in the racing circuit, earning a Mechanic of the Year award from the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA).

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "I think it's a passion for driving and perseverance. I love driving, which is why it's a full time thing for me."
  • Tommy Van Cleef

    Tommy has been racing since the age of seven. It started with the World Karting Association in 1993—where he won multiple championships—before it grew into an insatiable appetite for more forms of motorsport.

    After building a successful repertoire in karting, Tommy was invited to the Skip Barber Racing Scholarship Shootout, where he competed in their 2003 series. The following year, he started driving with the SCCA, even racing at the Daytona National Speedway. Then, only three short years later in 2007, Tommy began his career at the BMW Performance Center.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "Keeping a level head, having confidence without being cocky, and a lot of practice. Plus seat time."
  • Johan Christian Schwartz

    After owning and operating his own karting school, Johan came to the BMW Performance Center in hopes of expanding his educational expertise. There, he has established himself as an acclaimed instructor for more than two years.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "The key to becoming an Ultimate Driver is staying focused, looking ahead, and having a lot of dedication."
  • Steve Cooke

    Steve has always been around racing, first as a tire engineer straight out of college, and then as a road racer since the mid 1970s with 10 SCCA championships under his belt. Although his specialty is suspension engineering—having built series-winning cars in the NASA Pro Rally, SCCA Hill Climb, Road Racing, and Autocross—Steve has put that extensive automotive experience into six years of teaching at the BMW Performance Center.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "Understanding the car and communicating with it. That includes reading into what the car is telling you; BMWs are great communicators. They tell you what they're about to do, and they'll really ask you to do the right thing.

    It's as if BMWs are great dance partners. They don't throw you a curve ball and they don't do anything strange. You just need to learn how to go along with it."
  • Tom Long

    Tom has been a BMW performance driving instructor since 2005, but he's been racing—a lot—since 2001.

    His accolades include (for starters): Team Manager and driver in the GRAND-AM series since 2006, more than 10 GRAND-AM series wins since 2009, a 2011 podium finish in the Rolex 24 at Daytona—where he's competed five times—and a position as stand-in driver for Patrick Dempsey with the Patrick Dempsey Racing team.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "A driver has many facets. Physically, you need to be in shape, but you also need to have a strong mental game. It takes a lot of focus and a lot of determination. There are a lot of other facets to driving itself, one of which is being smooth."
  • Paul Mazzacane

    Five championships and 10 years as an instructor at the respected Skip Barber Racing School has prepared Paul Mazzacane for anything, on-road—including the 11 years he's spent as a renowned teacher at the BMW Performance Center.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "Priority number one is looking where you want the car to go. Typically, people look 30 feet in front of their car, but that's nowhere near far enough—everything is going to come as a surprise to you, and inputs will be very jerky. The farther ahead you look, the smoother you'll be. The smoother you are, the faster you'll be. It's your eyes that dictate where your hands will go."
  • Donny Isley

    As the jack-of-all-trades instructor at the BMW Performance Center, Donny has experience in not only racing—which he's pursued since 1981—but also training in counter terrorism.

    In between all of that, his driving merits extend even further, with a recent win at Road Atlanta in 2012, 31 years of Formula racing, more than 50 victories with the Sports Car Club of America, international instructor certifications in Munich and the Salzburgring in Austria, BMW driver training in Central and Latin America, and private coaching on Germany's legendary circuit, the Nurburgring.

    Donny currently holds lap records in Formula Vee at both Road Atlanta and the Virginia International Raceway (VIR).

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "Determination, hard work, and focus."
  • Adam Seaman

    Raised on a farm in Boiling Springs, SC, Adam Seaman's household was not involved in racing, whatsoever. Yet he still grew fascinated by performance driving on the twisty mountain roads of his hometown.

    Shortly after earning his driver's license, Adam developed a taste for drifting. This passion led to a laundry list of citations, and one near-death experience, but it prompted Adam to enter his first eastern region drift series.

    In 2009, he joined the BMW team in Spartanburg as a logistics person, but soon worked his way up through both efforts on-site, and his continued passion for a type of motorsport that Adam likens to "the last lap of the best race you've ever seen." Today, between teaching classes at the BMW Performance Center, Adam continues to compete in the Formula D ProAm Series.
  • Rick Fairbanks

    Motocross, check. Professional racecar driving, check. Between 1973 to 2002, Rick has seen his fair share of on-track competition. But while he still dabbles in amateur circuits, he's spent the last eight years as an instructor at the BMW Performance Center.

    What makes an Ultimate Driver?
    "Liking to drive and the practice it takes to be smooth. Also, the eyes. Look where you want the car to go. And common sense."

off-track thrills.

BMW is proud to operate its Performance Driving School in South Carolina's Greenville–Spartanburg
area. And although you'll find yourself spending most of your time here perfecting your ultimate
driving skills, there's plenty to see in the place we call home.


  • BMW Attractions
    BMW Attractions
  • Sports and Leisure
    Sports and Leisure
  • Arts and Entertainment
    Arts and Entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Dining and Night Life
    Dining and Night Life

BMW Factory Tour

As part of our mantra, form follows function—and each vehicle is crafted with the most efficient features that work in harmony to create one incredible powerhouse. Once inside the BMW factory, you'll get an exclusive, behind–the–scenes guide to the engineering of the Ultimate Driving Machine® to see exactly what we mean. The Spartanburg manufacturing plant is the only facility in the US that houses a body shop, drive–train sub–assembly, analysis center, and an environmentally friendly paint shop.

BMW Zentrum

At the Zentrum, experience BMW's rich history through displays of rare models—such as the famous Isetta "Bubblecar"—milestones in touring and motorsport, and an exclusive collection of BMW Art Cars, featuring designs by Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and Roy Lichtenstein. You can even explore the latest innovation, with exhibits that highlight state-of-the-art technologies in transportation, safety, and environmental engineering. For the enthusiast, it's the ultimate backstage pass.

Sports and Leisure

From the peaks of the Blueridge Mountains to the depths of Lake Hartwell, the hills and shores that surround the BMW Performance Center define what we know as natural beauty. Take full advantage of the landscape with hiking, fishing, golf and sightseeing that could captivate even the most experienced travelers.

Arts and Entertainment

Discover the burgeoning new work of our local theaters and galleries, featuring regional and national artists. A large complex downtown houses the greatest hub of activity, from the New Age to the historically significant.


From boutique stores along Main Street to quaint antique shops in equally quaint towns, we undoubtedly have something for everyone. Just don't forget to surprise your loved ones at home with the gift of southern hospitality and be sure to tell them, "I got it in Spartanburg."

Dining and Night Life

As we say in Spartanburg, "Put the state on your plate." No matter where you go, you'll find local flavor. Not only in one of our many mom-and-pop shops, but also in our modern American restaurants and popular, all-hour lounges.

when in doubt,
follow the skid marks

Receive directions to the BMW Performance Center by entering your information below.


  • The BMW Performance Center
    1155 Highway 101 South
    Greer, SC 29651

    Or Enter Below

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ultimate driver 101.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to get you started on the journey
to becoming the Ultimate Driver.

general faqs

  • What is the BMW Performance Driving School?
  • What is the Performance Driving Course?
  • Do I have to own a BMW?
  • Who teaches the Performance Driving School courses?
  • How much seat time versus classroom time is allocated during each course?
  • Is there a minimum age for driving or riding?
  • What time should I schedule my departure?
  • What if I need to rent a car while in the area?
  • What is the dress code?
  • Is it possible to bring a guest?
  • Are there fax machines, copiers, and WiFi available?
  • What time should I arrive?
  • What if I plan to take the train or arrive by private plane?
  • The $12.5 million, 64,000 square-foot BMW Performance Driving School is a state-of-the-art conference center; customer delivery center; and service, paint and body facility. It also offers unparalleled driver training courses and aggressive off-road lessons.
  • The physical layout of the Performance Driving course has been designed to provide BMW with various configurations to simulate real-world driving conditions:

    • The exterior radius is .9 miles in length

    • The overall paved area is 1.7 miles, varying in width from 24 to 48 feet

    • A 300-foot trowelled concrete skid pad demonstrates BMW systems

    • Leading into the skid pad is a unique accident-avoidance area, comprised of five water walls activated by an instructor in the control tower

    • The course is comprised of both decreasing and increasing radius turns, elevation changes and straight ways
  • You do not have to own a BMW in order to participate in a Performance Driving School course. However, all of the driving schools are conducted in various current model year BMWs.
  • All of our instructors are BMW-certified. They have been trained at a professional level in Munich for driver training, and have varied backgrounds that include NASCAR, the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), and the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA).
  • The school is scheduled to include a 10-15 minute talk before each exercise, but because the instructors communicate with participants via two-way radios in the cars, there is more seat time and immediate feedback during practice in the vehicles.
  • • You must have a driver's permit or driver's license from your state of residence in order to participate in the Teen School

    • You must be at least 18 to participate in M School or Advanced M School

    • All other schools require a valid driver's license
  • Schools typically end at 4:30 PM, and the airport is one exit from the Performance Driving School grounds.
  • Greenville-Spartanburg Airport has all of the national rental companies.
  • The dress code for the driving school is casual and comfortable. Foremost, please wear comfortable and completely enclosed shoes for driving.
  • The school is designed for registered participants only. Your guest may lounge at our outdoor patio or enjoy our M café. However, they will not be permitted on the course.
  • Yes, the Performance Driving School facilities have WiFi, fax machines, copiers and limited telephones for your use.
  • Typically, a Performance Driving School course begins at 8:00 AM. However, times may vary and you should refer to your confirmation letter for specific dates and times of your class.
  • There are many hotels in the Greenville-Spartanburg area. A few to consider are:

    • The Greenville Marriott, located off Interstate 85, three exits from the Performance Center

    • The Spartanburg Marriott, located in the growing downtown Spartanburg area

    • The Westin Poinsett, located in the beautiful downtown Greenville area


To get started, select your desired program or book by first selecting an available date.

* Select a date on the calendar to see availability.

Heart palpitations can
be bonding experiences.

schedule your corporate events

High–performance driving boils down to managing momentum. Those who manage momentum most successfully always end up in the lead. The same
can be said for business.

BMW Performance Driving School Corporate Events help bring a new focus to your business by putting your team through the paces—not only on the track, but also in the classroom, conference room and Zentrum auditorium. All of which are available for your use.

Simply call (888) 345-4269 to sign up, and experience how assertive driving leads to a slower lap time, in the same way that rising costs cut into the
bottom line.

j–turns, redlines,
and other offers.

At Performance Driving School, we believe that everyone has the right to become an Ultimate Driver.
Now, we're making that even easier for you, your friends, your family and our BMW Car Club Members.

Give the gift of performance driving

While you probably can't give everyone on your list a BMW, you can give them the next best thing: a gift certificate to Performance Driving School. To learn more and order a gift certificate,
simply call (888) 345-4269.


There's never been a better time to join the BMW Car Club. Now, members are entitled to receiving 15% off each exhilarating course at Performance Driving School. To sign up, or to receive more information,
please call (888) 345-4269.

the bmw m experience at lime rock park

BMW has had a long, fruitful history at one of America's most storied race circuits—Lime Rock Park. Now, you can experience every thrill of the track itself as a participant in our exclusive One Day Driving Program, taking place October 8-11, 2012.

You'll be introduced to the on-road dynamics of M models, like the M3 and all-new M5, through a challenging 1.5-mile course, where morning activities include the skid pad, corner entry and downshifting. Then after a complimentary meal, enjoy a timed autocross and hot laps. Just make sure to hold onto your seat. And your lunch.

Limited spots are available for $2,500.00 per person, per day. To make your reservation, please call (888) 345-4269.

we believe in a hands-on,
white-knuckled approach.

When you order your new BMW, consider our delivery program—at no extra cost. From the moment
you arrive in Spartanburg, immerse yourself in BMW culture and gain a greater, firsthand
understanding of your Ultimate Driving Machine's® unique capabilities.


Once you order a new vehicle through your local BMW center, inform them that you would like to take Performance Center Delivery. Your BMW Client Advisor will assist you in the scheduling of your experience.


After arriving in South Carolina, you and your companion can expect nothing short of VIP treatment: transportation to a first-class hotel in a personal BMW, dinner for two, and a complimentary overnight stay the evening prior to your delivery.

The following morning, enjoy a continental breakfast before heading to the BMW Performance Center to begin your ultimate delivery experience.

meet your bmw

When getting to know your BMW from the inside out, we make sure you receive an in-depth introduction. That's why our Product Specialists show you every feature in your vehicle, explaining all options from the BMW iDrive system, to operating radio functions, and connecting to BMW Assist.

practice makes perfect

Have you ever wondered what a BMW is really capable of? Well, your delivery includes time behind the wheel of a vehicle similar to the one you purchased. With the guidance of our professional driving instructors, you'll learn just how the Ultimate Driving Machine® earned its moniker.

When you leave the BMW Performance Center and finally head home in your new vehicle, you can feel confident in both its operation and dynamic performance.


vehicle delivery faqs

  • What is the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program?
  • What is the cost of the Delivery Program?
  • Where in South Carolina is the BMW Performance Center located?
  • Which models can be delivered to the BMW Performance Center?
  • Who qualifies for delivery at the BMW Performance Center?
  • Is there a "Destination and Handling Fee" for the Delivery Program?
  • Can BMW transport a vehicle to a customer's home after delivery?
  • When should a customer arrive for the Delivery Program?
  • What accommodations are included with the Delivery Program?
  • How will arrangements be made at the Greenville Marriott?
  • If driving to Spartanburg in a one-way rental car, where can it be returned?
  • If flying in a commercial aircraft, which airport and airlines are available?
  • If flying in a private plane, which airport is available?
  • What if a customer chooses to arrive in South Carolina by train?
  • What if a customer is looking to take delivery on a specific date?
  • On which days is the Delivery Program offered?
  • What time does the Delivery Program start and end?
  • What exercises will customers partake in? Whose cars are used?
  • The BMW Performance Center Delivery program is an exciting and unique opportunity in which a customer and guest can fully experience the BMW culture. Included in the program is a complimentary one-night stay (including meals) at a luxurious hotel, professional driving instruction in a BMW similar to the one ordered, a tour of both the BMW Zentrum museum and Manufacturing Plant***, and of course a personalized vehicle delivery presentation by a BMW Product Specialist. Customers can expect nothing but VIP treatment when they opt to take delivery at the BMW Performance Center. ***BMW Zentrum and Plant subject to closings.
  • $0. Taking delivery at the BMW Performance Center is a no-cost option for both the customer and the center. However, customers are responsible for the cost of their personal travel to and from South Carolina.
  • The BMW Performance Center neighbors the BMW Manufacturing Plant (BMWMC) located in Spartanburg, SC. The facility is located at 1155 Highway 101 South located in Greer, SC 29651
  • Customers are not limited to taking delivery of specific models. In fact, the BMW Performance Center Delivery program is available for any new BMW model currently in production.

    To be eligible, customers must order vehicles from an authorized BMW retail center within the United States. Ineligible vehicles include CPO, BMWs sold off the dealer lot, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and Motorrad.
  • The program is available to the vehicle owner and one guest only. Customers who are U.S. residents (18 years of age or older with a valid U.S. driver's license) registering the vehicle at a valid U.S. address can take delivery at the BMW Performance Center. Participants will be required to sign a waiver to participate as a driver or passenger in any BMW Performance Center vehicle.

    Customers younger than 18 years of age must possess valid driver licenses/permits and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (most likely the person whose name appears on the bill-of-sale/lease agreement/retail installment contract, etc.). Parents accompanying a minor will be required to sign a waiver on the child's behalf.

    No one under the age of 12 will be allowed to participate in any driving activities or attend factory tour.
  • Yes. There is a $895 fee that applies to all BMW models regardless of whether the vehicle is delivered at the selling BMW center or at the BMW Performance Center.
  • No. The BMW Performance Center can only transport vehicles to the customer's selling BMW center. The shipping cost will be at the customer or center's expense. Upon request, the BMW Performance Center can obtain quotes to ship cars back to the selling BMW center.
  • Based upon a confirmed delivery date, it is at the customer's discretion to choose an arrival date and time. Typically, customers arrive the day prior to delivery in order to take advantage of the complimentary one-night stay. Customers can choose to arrive a few days before or stay a few nights after delivery; however, all additional expenses (not limited to lodging, meals, gasoline) on these days will be at the customer's expense.
  • BMW Performance Center Delivery customers will be provided accommodations at The Greenville Marriott located at 1 The Parkway East in Greenville, South Carolina 29615.
    The hotel restaurant will serve dinner the night prior to the customer's scheduled delivery date. Reservations will be taken up until 10 pm. A limited menu will be available at the bar from 10-11 pm for guest arriving late.

    For customers arriving after 11 pm, prior arrangements can be made with the BMW Performance Center to have the hotel place a deli tray in the customer's room. Please make these arrangements when submitting your travel information after scheduling your Performance Center Delivery.

    On the morning of your delivery, the hotel restaurant serves breakfast starting at 6:30 AM. Lunch on the day of delivery is provided at the BMW Performance Center.

    Please note: It is the policy of the Greenville Marriott not to allow pets. However, customer's can pay for pet lodging available at several kennels in the area.
  • The BMW Performance Center will make arrangements for customers to stay at the Greenville Marriott. The complimentary stay is provided the evening before delivery (one night double-occupancy) at the Greenville Marriott. Reservations will be made through the Marriott sales office and are usually finalized approximately one week prior to delivery. For any concerns regarding accommodations, please email the BMW Performance Center at
  • There are several car rental companies located at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) including Alamo, National, Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Thrifty. Please check with the applicable rental agency for confirmation of all drop-offs at GSP.

    Pick up at GSP is provided by the Greenville Marriott courtesy shuttle, (864) 297-0300, and is available from 5:00 AM through 12:00 AM (midnight). For more car rental information at GSP, visit
  • Customers flying into South Carolina should utilize the Greenville/Spartanburg International Airport (GSP).
    Visit for more details.

    Available airlines include American Eagle, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Comair, Northwest Airlines, Northwest Air Link, United Express Airlines, U.S. Airways, and U.S. Airways Express. All airlines are subject to change. Visit for more information.

    Pick up at GSP is provided by the Greenville Marriott courtesy shuttle, (864) 297-0300, and is available from 5:00 AM through 12:00 AM (midnight).
  • Customers choosing to fly a private plane into Greenville will be directed to land at Stevens Aviation, (864) 879-6155, located adjacent to the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport.

    Pick up at Stevens Aviation is provided by the Greenville Marriott courtesy shuttle, (864) 297-0300, and is available from 5:00 AM through 12:00 AM (midnight).
  • The customer's final destination should be the Greenville Train Station. Pick up will be provided by the Greenville Marriott courtesy shuttle, (864) 297-0300, and is available from 5:00 AM through 12:00 AM (midnight). Pick up is not available for customers choosing to arrive at the Spartanburg Train Station.
  • The BMW Performance Center makes all efforts to accommodate customer delivery requests for a specific date. When submitting a Performance Center Delivery Reservation form, the customer's Client Advisor can indicate a desired timeframe. Delivery dates will be determined based on the vehicle's production date and our availability.
  • The BMW Performance Center Delivery program is available to customers Monday thru Friday. Please note there are some black-out dates throughout the year due to holidays, driving school programs and other events that utilize the facility. The BMW Performance Center may close on multiple dates to observe New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Customers and their guests should plan to arrive and meet in the front lobby of the BMW Performance Center no later than 8:00 AM. For customers staying at the Greenville Marriott the prior evening, the hotel courtesy shuttle will leave for the BMW Performance Center promptly at 7:45 AM.

    In any order, customers and their guests can expect to rotate as pairs through the three different two-hour modules of driving instruction, plant and museum tour, and vehicle presentations. Typically, the BMW Performance Center Delivery program lasts no later than 3 pm.
  • After a brief classroom session with a BMW Driving Instructor, customers will gain access behind the wheel of one of the BMW Performance Center fleet vehicles that most closely matches the model ordered. Customers will experience exercises in handling, braking and traction control. Customers taking delivery of an X3 or X5 will also have the opportunity to explore the vehicle's capabilities on the BMW Performance Center's "Other Roads" course.