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Every road to greatness has a starting line.

Formula BMW Americas understands, and operates, to promote the best possible support for a lifetime passion in the racing circuit. Fair yet competitive, educational yet regulated, it's an opportunity to taste the real triumphs and hardships of succeeding in the fast lane.

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to these junior drivers and their single-seater cars. The new formula was created in 2001 by BMW Motorsport, and works well as the equation for producing promising drivers, such as Californian Alexander Rossi - 2008 Formual BMW Americas Championship and Formula BMW World Final.

These competitors benefit from BMW Motorsports' education and coaching program in Spain and Bahrain, which provides courses in race driving, chassis setup, fitness, nutrition, media management, and sponsor searching.

Entrance from each championship are invited to the Formula BMW World Final, which is held at a world class Racing Circuit, December of each year. It's an international heat where only the boldest hopeful finishes first. But the one who dares to be the winner will be awarded a Formula One test with BMW Sauber F1 - BMW's official F1 race team.

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