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Current BMW Group employees who wish to create a profile, view internal job openings or apply online must do so via the BMW Group InfoNet, using a personal computer on-site at BMW Group facility or via a VPN dial-up.

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-Your profile, including your resume, will be stored electronically and will be immediately accessible by you or our recruiting department.

-Once created, your profile may be updated at any time and used to apply for jobs that interest you.

-Please note that by creating a profile, you are submitting information that is kept on file, but you will not be applying for a job at BMW Group.

-To be considered for a specific job, you must view today's jobs and apply.

-Please refer to the instructions below to Create Your Profile or Apply.

-Creating a profile is a voluntary action on your part and does not constitute an offer of a job. BMW reserves the right to remove your profile for any reason.


Create Your Profile for Full-Time Career Opportunities
1. Choose ''Create a Profile.''
2. Your profile is an electronic summary of your qualifications. Be sure to type or copy and paste your resume in text format into the resume section of the candidate profiler.
3. Once created, your profile will remain on file electronically. Your profile may be updated any time you choose by logging in with your username and password.
4. Your username is the same as your email address. You choose your own password. If you forget your password, you may click ''forgot password,'' and you will be sent an email enabling you to create a new one.
5. You will receive a response verifying we have received your profile.

Instructions to Apply for Today's Jobs

1. Choose ''Apply.''
2. View current openings in detail by clicking on the position title.
3. You can also search by specific Job Category, Country and/or Company. 4. The Company Job list includes listings for BMW Group companies.
5. If you are interested in a specific position at BMW Group, you must apply online by clicking on the position title and then clicking ''Apply Online.'' Your profile will automatically transfer to your application, and you will be given the option to edit your profile. You also will be asked a series of position-specific questions.
6. You will receive a response verifying we have received your application.
7. BMW Group will correspond via email, telephone or mail with applicants who are considered for an interview.