Combining theory and practice through an internship is not only rewarding but an ideal way start to a successful professional career. Discover new possibilities at BMW of North America while you are in college.

We offer a wide variety of internship options within two programs:

International Internship Program
Given the nature of this special experience abroad, the International Internship Program can truly add to your field of study and personal growth. This program focuses on international students with exceptional written and spoken language skills. Furthermore, the candidate should be enrolled in a full-time study program for at least one year. As an international intern, the student will join BMW of North America for a six-month assignment. Please note that all applications should reach the staffing team at least six months prior to the intern's desired start date.

Summer Internship Program
The Summer Internship Program is designated for students at American universities and colleges to gain a variety of learning experiences at an early stage in their career. The 12-week internship program begins in May and continues through August. The Summer Internship Program gives the student the opportunity to gain real world experience by performing business tasks and working on a diversity of projects. Additionally, the student gets the chance to develop a mentor relationship.

How to apply
All internship vacancies can be found in our Job Listings. Please note that only online applications will be considered.

If you are currently unable to find a suitable vacancy, please continue to create a profile on our online system.
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