BMW Performance Suspension Kit


Lowering the body, raising the pulse.

At the heart of performance is handling. And how well a BMW handles it is directly influenced by its suspension. The BMW Performance Suspension lets you savor every curve and every corner like never before! This sport suspension set-up is reflected visually by the BMW Performance Yellow springs. This new aggressive package lowers the vehicle by 25 mm compared to the standard suspension and by 10mm when compared to the sport suspension. Spring rates are increased 48% compared to standard suspension and 34% compared to the sports suspension.

The BMW Performance Suspension Kit makes your vehicle respond instantaneously to steering inputs. It generates the most dependable traction you've likely ever felt in high-speed cornering. It produces trust-instilling balance in demanding maneuvers-reducing roll on sharp turn-ins, reducing squat on acceleration, and reducing dive on urgent braking. It lowers your body and its center of gravity, and consistently raises your pulse.