BMW Performance Exhaust System


Turn your power loose.

Like a world-class athlete, your BMW's engine needs increasingly more oxygen as it reaches its physical limit.

To accommodate this need, BMW engineers looked to the other end of the vehicle, namely the exhaust system. The very act of controlling exhaust gases — to reduce noise and heat — restricts their exit. And overcoming this restriction, or back pressure, forces the engine to work harder, using its energy for something besides moving you forward.

Enter the BMW Performance Exhaust System. This solution produces an outflow of exhaust gases that is so free (though still under control) that it markedly reduces back pressure. The flow is free enough, in fact, to actually pull more air into the engine. So while it's saving power at one end, it's increasing power at the other. Engine performance is increased by up to 5hp and 3 ft-lbs of torque at 6600 RPM. (on select models)

The result is that your engine runs more smoothly, revs higher, and accelerates faster. And its new, deep, racing growl will be music to your high-performance-attuned ears.